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tv   KTVU News at 830pm  FOX  December 1, 2012 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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>> gus: wisconsin has rushed for 524 yards, the most rushing yards allowed by nebraska in the school's history. >> charles: no way anyone saw this coming to this extent. not a team coming in on a
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six-game winning streak and playing well and powerfully down the stretch, finding ways to win, resilient, tough. wisconsin has just been -- i don't have the best word, but complete tonight. every phase of the game. >> gus: abdullah takes a knee. big bcs games taking place this weekend. northern illinois beats kent state for the mac championship. stanford, we saw them last night in a terrific game against ucla. they go on the rose bowl. alabama in a tight one, goes to the national championship game after beating georgia. kansas state beats texas. they clinch the big 12 title outright and a bcs bid. florida state in a much closer game than anticipated, wins the acc championship and move on to a bcs bowl. congratulations to jimbo fisher and his crew. >> gus: martinez to the sideline. underthrows kenny bell.
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playing for pride right now if you're nebraska. trying to finish out. disappointing outcome. as the coaches always say, it's important to play to the final whistle. rex burkhead, not a lot of room around that right side. warren herring with the tackle. >> charles: we're talking now rose bowl, stanford/wisconsin. >> gus: what a game that could be. >> charles: this is the old through the looking glass and they see each other and it looks awfully familiar. it's good that both of them will get a month off before they play because i'm telling you, when they line up and kick it off -- >> gus: there will be broken glass everywhere.
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martinez underneath. jamal turner. it will be interesting to see chase thomas, reynolds against this big offensive line of wisconsin and this defense led by borland. >> charles: going to be something, isn't it? >> gus: it will be something. >> charles: they're punting the ball away. we have to ask petros what he thinks about this when we get an opportunity. after this sequence is over, can't wait to get his thoughts on these two teams going at it. >> gus: out of bounds. 7:32 to play in the fourth. this is what they're playing for, and more. the big ten conference championship trophy. ladies, why's your man watching this snoozer of a game?
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>> gus: 70-24, nebraska, one they would love to forget quickly. wisconsin with three 100 yard runners. ball with 202 yards rushing, gordon, 198. white, 109. last time wisconsin had three 100 yard rushers in a game was in 2008. eighth rushing touchdown, a school record for the badgers. the badgers have played in back-to-back rose bowls in '99 and 2000 against both
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participants in last night's pac-12 championship. as you take a look at the offen offense. first down and ten. melvin gordon. >> charles: wisconsin as i mentioned played in back-to-back rose bowls in '99 and 2000 against both participants in last night's pac-12 championship. '99 they beat ucla 38-31. they beat stanford 17-9. ron dayne was named mvp of both those games. a whole lot of man running the football. >> gus: heisman trophy winner. >> charles: we saw his coach in pregame. i asked coach about him once.
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he said i didn't get him lathered up until about carry 30. >> gus: tony alvarez stopping in the booth before the game. he looked happy, healthy and positive. there's a man i think left the game of college football way too soon. there he is. >> charles: in terms of the coaching, yes. still the athletic director, wisconsin. so many people you know have rang his phone over the years since he got out of coaching because they know that man would build them a winner. people probably have forgotten just how down wisconsin really was in football when he took over the program and built them into the national power they are year in and year out now. one of the great coaches in college football history. >> gus: i asked coach alvarez if he would ever consider going back to coaching. he had a twinkle in his eye as
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he walked away. >> charles: you can always see the winners, can't you? nothing like it. that relaxed, happy laughter. no matter what you say, there's a giggle goes with it. smile. they've earned it tonight. >> gus: it's really interesting, when you talk about coaches, when they win, they love it. when they lose, there's a knot in their stomach as they tell us that doesn't go away quickly.
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>> gus: 70-24. look at the wisconsin badgers, high-scoring team. wonder what bo ryan is thinking.
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seen them score 54 points in their win against virginia. >> charles: you mean the swing offense wasn't producing as normal that night? we've seen them put up some points before. tough night for the badgers. >> gus: they lost 60-54 to uva. >> charles: you saw that badger basketball team a lot. any doubt in your mind you'll be seeing come march and april? they're hard to deal with, aren't they? >> gus: a love like that for bo ryan gives them plenty of ammunition to go to practice. >> charles: practice, practice, practice. they'll be ready to go. >> gus: what a personality. love being around him and his program. >> charles: bo pelini letting
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his front line guys finish this game out. he's not taking them out. almost a message. i don't think it's a punishment. i think it's simply such pride that you have, i'm not going to take you out of the game because i know you guys don't quit. you're competitors. i'm going to let you play it out. >> gus: heard down at the 31. what's the future look like now as we head into the bowl season? not to put you on the spot. for this nebraska team? >> charles: this is a heavy deal for bo and his staff. bo pelini and his staff, in terms of picking these guys up. this will now be the third championship game they played in four seasons. two of them in the big 12, one here in the big ten, and they haven't won any of them. this has been such a crushing defeat, they'll have to work more mentally on this football team than physically. the good thing is, that's all we've seen out of nebraska this year. the loss at ucla, they bounced
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back. they get blown out at ohio state and bo pelini's return to his alma mater, they win six straight after that. i wouldn't be surprised bowl time, that this team from nebraska is ready. whoever they're going to deal with, whoever has to deal with them, they better come prepared. >> gus: heard again, runs into a crowd. different story for this wisconsin squad. they'll be heading to pasadena to take on stanford. petros, your thoughts. stanford/wisconsin. who do you like? >> petros: i like they are two teams that have the most sophisticated run games in all of college football and two very active defenses. i think the difference is the quarterbacks. >> gus: here's martinez. taylor martinez running again. goes down to the 35.
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petros, finish your thought. >> petros: when you look at what hogan has done at stanford, some extended time against colorado, just four starts, he's really got people excited about the future of stanford football. in this situation, wisconsin, you look at a guy like curt phillips who's got a redempive story. two great story lines going into it. >> gus: they're lying for the gatorade bath for coach bielema. >> charles: did they finally get one? i think bret bielema probably said when we get way up, he told the equipment manager, remember, you work for me and the trainers. >> gus: i think they have it. they're trying to sneak it. chris borland's leading the way. here's cross again. >> charles: is he assuming the harry carson role? >> gus: looks like they have
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something in their hands. no, they don't. yes, they do. ice water. that will be a tough one for coach bielema. >> charles: that's just not right. >> gus: the handoff to imani. touchdown. >> charles: freshman from georgia. bright future. that's a big good-looking running back there. i think he will give them more than just short yardage runs. i think he will be one of the complete backs. >> gus: 70-30. extra point good.
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51 seconds remaining. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> gus: big night for the wisconsin badgers football program. big night for that young man. here's tonight kay jewelers diamond moment of the game. montee ball. >> charles: runs out of the tackle and finishes it.
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his running backs coach preaches all the time finish your run. montee ball does just that. >> gus: a knee in the end zone once again. with 51 seconds to go, wisconsin comes on the field and they will take a knee and run this one out. and set their sights on the rose bowl. back-to-back big ten champions. coach bielema finally getting the gatorade bath. that was all ice water, folks. >> charles: oh, man. >> gus: they got him. >> charles: when you win big, it refreshes. otherwise, it's just plain cold. >> gus: congratulations to wisconsin. turbulent season. unexpected losses, injuries,
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coaches fired. but in the end, they wind up in the same place they were last year, in the rose bowl. >> charles: how about the credit not just bret bielema but his entire coaching staff led by defensive coordinator matt canada, offensive coordinator chris ash, the plan they had tonight, letting their team execute, was one of the better ones we've seen i believe this season. just tremendous. a complete victory. >> gus: third straight rose bowl appearance for coach bielema. 42 years old, as he heads to pasadena where stanford awaits. last two years, wisconsin losing 45-38 last year to oregon and 21-19 to tcu the previous year.
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our petros papadakis is on the field with a very happy healthy linebacker. >> petros: chris borland down here, guys. what a performance. you missed a few games with the hamstring. how sweet was it to get back on the field and earn a victory with your teammates tonight? >> it felt so good. last couple weeks have been tough. we played well as a team, but i couldn't contribute. this is just terrific. so glad. >> petros: how could you expect such a lopsided victory in this game? what were you guys doing to cause so much trouble for nebraska's offense? >> i think unlike five times this year, the ball bounced our way. we'll take it. >> petros: all right. have fun in pasadena. congratulations. gus? >> gus: thank you very much. now let's go to julie alexandria. >> julie: thanks, gus. here with james wright. incredible, incredible game from you today. four touchdowns, over 100 yards. how important was this win for you? >> it was very important. we knew what was at stake for this game. we just wanted to come out, play a full four quarter game.
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that's what we did. we wanted to play a physical game. that's what we did. >> julie: some critics question the fact of whether you guys should be here or not tonight to play in this big ten championship. with a 7-5 season. what do you have to say to them? >> it wasn't in our control. it was some other schools so we were placed in the situation and took advantage of what was there. >> julie: you certainly did. congratulations. rose bowl bound. gus, back to you. >> gus: thank you very much, julie. 639 yards in total offense for wisconsin. 538 yards rushing. pasadena, here they come. >> julie: did you hear that? that was wisconsin scoring again. no, big win by the badgers tonight. congratulations to them. next, we'll head back out to indy for the trophy presentation and mvp will be named. [ male announcer ] how do you make 70,000 trades a second...
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welcome back to the at & t big ten championship post-game. it's now time for the trophy presentation. let's send it out to charles davis. >> thank you, erin. i guess we know why we're up here on this podium, to present the championship trophy to the university of wisconsin. the man who has the honor of doing that is the commissioner of the big ten, mr. jim delaney. >> thank you, charles. before prese


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